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African Safari Operators

If you are planning to go on an Africa Safari tours we provide you an Africa Safari Operators directory list:

  • Acacia Africa: Diverse adventure, lodge, diving and overland safari tours for everyone. More information: http://www.acacia-africa.com
  • Nomad Africa: Accommodated tours and Camping adventures and expeditions. More information: http://www.nomadtours.co.za
  • Overlanding Africa: Overlanding trips and adventure safaris. More information: http://www.overlandingafrica.com
  • Bundu Safari: Present in Southern Africa with adventures in the coast, desert, mountains and more. More information: http://www.bundusafaris.com
  • Transfortiers Wildlife Walking Safaris: Walking safaris in Kruger National Park. More information: http://krugerwalkingsafaris.com
  • Viva Safaris: With diverse lodges in the Kruger Park and the Motlala Game Reserve it offers many adventure tours options. More information: http://www.vivasafaris.com
  • Pathfinders Africa: Offers all types of Africa expeditions, adventures, trips and holidays. More information: http://www.pathfindersafrica.com
  • Madventurer: Although dealing primarily in volunteer trips, Madventurer also offers adventure trips to Ghana and Mali. More information: http://www.madventurer.com
  • Intej: Intej offers activity tours in Cape Town and Jahannesburg, More information: http://www.intej.org 
  • Intrepid: An international travel site which offers Safaris and expeditions to various locations in Africa such as Kenya and South Africa. More information: http://www.intrepidtravel.com  
  • Exodus: Adventure travel company which offers Safari and adventure holidays to sub-saharan African countries. More information:  http://www.exodus.co.uk
  • Oasis Overland: Offers trips to Africa specializing in Truck Expeditions and Safari Tours. More information: http://www.oasisoverland.co.uk
  • Afreco: This tour company offers a variety of expeditions and safaris in Africa, including some less often seen, such as motorbike safaris. More information: http://www.afrecotours.com
  • Pioneer: Unique expeditions and Safaris to a few countries in Africa among others, some activity focused expeditions include rafting. More information: http://www.pioneerexpeditions.com
  • Escape Expeditions: Runs expeditions, safaris and adventure trips through Africa, typically visiting several locations and following long trails. More information: http://www.escapeexpeditions.co.uk
  • World Expeditions: Offers wildlife Safaris and other trips to various parts of Africa. More information: http://www.worldexpeditions.com
  • KE Travel: Offers walking safaris, mountain climbing trips, and wildlife trips. More information: http://www.keadventure.com
  • On the Go: A touring company which offers expeditions, Safaris, camping and private adventures which can be tailored to a customer’s wishes. More information: http://www.onthegotours.com
  • Africa Calling: A company which deals in volunteer projects but also offers private tours and safaris. More information: http://www.africall.co.za
  • Speed Breaks: Offers Safaris through Southern Africa for single travellers. More information: http://www.speedbreaks.co.uk
  • Adventure Company: Offers tours, expeditions and safaris. More information: http://www.adventurecompany.co.uk
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